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Which services can I find at Vehicle Storage Faro?

You’re at our website, be welcome!


If you already got here, you already know that vehicle Storage Faro has parking services. We do have 2 covered parks, inside building (protected from weather and secured), one for cars and motorcycles and another one for motorhomes and campervans. We also have 2 uncovered parks, that we only advice for short stays.






We have the following services:

  • Stow you motorhome during winter months, or when you aren’t using it;
  • Stow you car or motorcycle annually
  • Park your vehicle for short periods as traveling weeks or weekends which you can make from Faro airport.
  • We legalize your vehicle
  • We transport your vehicle from or to another country for example.
    (do you need something else outside this list? Contact us!)


Great! I just need to park my car for a few days, what should I do now?

Just contact us by filling our web form, chat, social messenger, email or phone.
We’ll get right back to you, and you’ll receive an email checking all details. We need to know your name, email, phone number, make and vehicle model, check in date and hour, check out date and flight number, and how many people will need the transfer service.
We’ll be here, at the check in day, waiting for you.
Is important that you pre-schedule our services in order we make sure we are available to receive you and your car.


Alright! Here I am, where should I go?

Just park your car inside our gate and enter the main building to our office.
All data are already in our system, and we just need to fill the invoice data. We take some pictures of the vehicle too and you’ll receive and email with that info report.
In 5 minutes we will taking you to the airport.


OK, and what happens to my car when I’m not here?

It will be correctly parked. You can confirm kilometer data at your check in report.


I didn’t hire the cleaning service already, can I do it later?

Sure, just send us your request during that time. Just be aware that services as brand maintenance or inspection depends of those companies availability.


Parking my car includes airport transfer?

If you booked covered parking, yes. Otherwise you can request it separately.
We take you to the airport in a dedicated transfer, only for you without delays or another flight people. For this reason you’ll always know that you’ll be on time, and us too. That’s why we ask your flight number – we deal with flight delays.


How great! I’ll be coming back!

We’ll keep your preferences to make our service faster and personalized!


Not convinced yet? Leave our questions here!

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