In this agreement, made between the owner, BEACH & BIKES UNIP LDA, nif 504923676, and the customer, it is agreed, as follows:

1 – The customer must check the general conditions of the vehicle, at the digital check-in, when collecting and delivering it.

2 – For each additional day from the end of the contract, an additional day will be applied.

2.2 – Bookings made within 48 hours of travel are not eligible for a refund and can not be transferred to a later date .

3 – The owner shall give to the car park the right to save the original or spare car key.

3.1 – Car Keys: In the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your car keys with car park staff if requested to do so. Please remove ALL OTHER KEYS

3.1A – The provider reserves the right to disconnect dash cameras as these are not always fitted correctly and can result in flat batteries.

3.2 – Personal Items: Please note your collecting driver will NOT carry out a vehicle inventory on personal items ie; phones /sat navs/keys/cash etc, Please leave all personal possessions locked away if possible You must also notify the driver of these items failure to do so will result in any claim for loss or damage not being accepted by vehicle Storage Faro or its agents/providers. No liability whatsoever will be accepted if the above is not adhered to.

3.2 A – Goods transported outside the cabin of the vehicle, such as bicycles for example, will not be covered by insurance.

4 – Cancellations, Refunds and Amendments All cancellations, Refunds, Amendments for whatever reason, are subject to a minimum 20€ administration charge. VEHICLE STORAGE FARO will provide a refund to the value of your booking less the 20€ administration charge.

5 – Delayed Flight Compensation: Data/booking information regarding delayed flights may be shared with Vehicle Storage Faro and their partners to manage all the services . We do not take responsibility for the timely delivery of the transfer service in case of customer delay.

6 – Premises Vehicle Storage Faro reserves the right to store your Vehicle and their contents at any land and/or buildings which are owned or leased by us or of which we have a right of use or occupancy (“Premises”). Movement and storage of your Vehicle at our Premises is at our sole discretion.

7 – Credit Cards If you wish to make any payments to us by way of an approved Credit Card, you agree to provide us with all required details of your Credit Card for the purpose of charging that Credit Card for any due Fees and costs incurred in accordance with these Terms andConditions. You warrant that the Credit Card belongs to you and/or you are duly authorised to have amounts charged to the Credit Card.

8 – Free Shuttle Service Our free shuttle service includes ONE free transfer for you and your accompanying passengers to and from the Faro Airport terminals only. Any additional shuttle transfers, including transportation and delivery of property, will incur additional charges: 1 extra transfer – 35€ 10 extra transfer- 22€ each

8.1 – Vehicle Storage Faro can limit the number of passengers on transfer for health reasons in pandemic situations.

9 – Insurance Insurance cover the building from: Fire, Lightning Strike and Explosion, Storms, Floods, Water damage, Theft or robbery, Aircraft Crash, Shock or Impact of Solid Objects, Shock or Impact of Land Vehicles and/or Animals, Accidental Oil Spill, Accidental Spill of Fire Protection Systems, Non-contractual Civil Liability, Land subsidence, Acts of Vandalism, Strikes, Riots and Public Order Changes, Demolition and Debris Removal. The park vehicle must have his own insurance to cover vehicle damages.

9.1 – Security CCTV surveillance cameras are operational at various points throughout our Premises for safety and security monitoring purposes.

10 – Abandoned vehicles Your vehicle may be treated as abandoned if it is in our car park for longer than 28 days, and you have not told us that you intend to keep the car there for longer (by pre-booking a longer period, or telling us when you arrive, or at any time before the 28 days is up)

11- Delay policy In cases of arrival delays or flight delays, vehicle storage Faro can refuse to transport customers on regular time, for planning reasons /services overlapped.

12 – Charging policy Vehicle storage Faro does battery maintenance services, replacement and battery charging. If battery charging will be need, but you won’t ask for that service, we will charge you an extra 10€.

13 – 220v policy We have 220v chargers for your motorhome / caravan for 10€ month.

14 – Space Access Vehicle storage Faro is on full right of blocking the access of their inside installations. For safety reasons and control, we do not allow anybody to see the vehicles parked as well as access points or cameras for privacy issues.

15 – Transfers to and from the Airport Transfers are subject to availability on the day and may be subject to a local charge. Transfer partners can have different transportation schedules of vehicle storage Faro.


The correct flight number should always be given. In case of incorrect information we do not take responsibility for the customer inconvenience.

Prices and information regarding transfers to and from the parking are given and may be subject to change.

15.1 – Valet service available for national vehicles only, for 30€.

16 – Check in For vehicles received at night, the visual check in for damage is carried out with daylight. Dirty vehicles parked outside are not valid for Check in due to possible damage concealment.

Privacy clause The customer acknowledges that the information provided on this form will be held by the owner and may be held for purposes of contacting the customer during or after. The customer, in this act, agrees to give all vehicle images rights to Vehicle Storage Faro for marketing purposes.